Kontrabass Gig-Bag 3/4

Kontrabass Gig-Bag 3/4

Pedi Bogenetui Bass 1 Bogen

Pedi Bogenetui Bass 1 Bogen

Kontrabass Gig-Bag 3/4 hightech

329,00 €

Boston Deluxe / Hightech leichte Kontrabass Tasche 3/4 Ripstop-Nylon
Boston 800 series bags:

- lightweight
- resistant to tearing and ripping
- small tears won't spread
- heavy duty stitching
- stable grips
- padded shoulder straps and waist straps
- durable material
- water resistant

Ripstop Nylon:

The Boston 800 series bags are made of ripstop nylon.
Ripstop nylon is a light-weight fabric with interwoven ripstop reinforcement threads in a crosshatch pattern. A special reinforcing technique is used to make it resistant to tearing and ripping. It is woven with coarse, strong warp and filling yarns at intervals so that tears will not spread. Ripstop fabrics are used in yacht sails and spinnakers, hot air balloons, kites, parachutes, tents, protective clothing for firefighters and many more.

Advantages of ripstop are the favourable strength-to-weight ratio and that small tears can not easily spread.

General information:

The Boston 800 series bags have rucksack padded shoulder and waist straps, a bow pocket and a big pocket for sheet music and accessories.
The rucksack straps can be neatly stowed away when not in use in a backpack pocket.
A padded layer in the sleeve makes sure the bag is protected from the piercing steel machine lheads.

There are 2 different sizes of the Boston bag available for 3/4 and 4/4 basses.

weight: 3,84 kg

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